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The Letter of the Apostle Paul to the believers who are in the city of Rome

In this letter, the Apostle Paul tells us that all people have sinned against God, and that the wages of sin is death. But by the grace of God, for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, God makes them righteous by faith.

  • Paul sends greetings to the believers in Rome 1:1-7

  • Paul desires to visit the believers in Rome 1:8-15

  • The strength of the Gospel 1:16-17

  • God's wrath against mankind 1:18-32

  • The judgment of God is righteous 2:1-16

  • What is written in the law of Moses about the people of Israel? 2:17-29

  • The truth of God reveals the falsehood of people 3:1-8

  • All people sin against God and are not righteous 3:9-20

  • By faith alone will we be righteous with God 3:21-31

  • Our master Abraham and his faith 4:1-12

  • God promises our master Abraham a son 4:13-25

  • Joy and peace with God 5:1-11

  • The difference between our master Adam and our Lord Jesus 5:12-21

  • We die through sin, we live through the Messiah 6:1-14

  • Slaves to righteousness 6:15-23

  • We are freed from the law 7:1-6

  • The law reveals sin 7:7-12

  • A struggle in the inner being of humans 7:13-25

  • The strength of the Spirit of God working in the life of the believers 8:1-17

  • The glory which awaits us 8:18-30

  • The Love of God in the Messiah 8:31-39

  • Paul is upset on account of the community of master Moses 9:1-18

  • The wrath of God and his mercy 9:19-29

  • The people of Israel refuse to believe 9:30 – 10:4

  • All people can be saved 10:5-23

  • Has God rejected Israel? 11:1-10

  • Those who aren't from the people of Israel will also be saved 11:11-24

  • The mercy of God on all the world 11:25-36

  • New life through our Lord Jesus 12:1-8

  • How the believer must live 12:9-21

  • Our obligation in regard to the government 13:1-7

  • Our duty toward the commandments 13:8-14

  • Don't find fault with your brother 14:1-12

  • Do not make your brother fall 14:13-23

  • Follow what our Lord Jesus the Messiah does 15:1-13

  • Paul is the apostle to those who aren't from the people of Israel 15:14-22

  • The Apostle Paul desires to go to the city of Rome 15:23-33

  • Paul greets some believers in the city of Rome 16:1-16

  • The last commandment of the apostle Paul 16:17-24